Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ignore the bullies

I've been busy.  Real busy.  New baby, a recovery from major surgery, and my hubby changed jobs.  It's been both hard and easy to get back on my feet.

But that's not why I've been gone.

Before the baby was born... like way before... during the time I was doing electronics, I was hit hard by a very mean comment left by an internet bully.  It blew me over and I almost shut down the blog over it.  I think it might have been pregnancy hormones, or just the fact that my sensitive feelings were severely hurt.  Some of you asked where I was and I told you about my confrontation.  Many of you apologized for this idiot, but it still hurt.  In fact, I was so hurt that I went through the blog and deleted all head shots.  I felt insecure and violated.  I turned off comments and completely walked away from the blog.  Well... can't say I'm completely "over-it", but it's nice to face it and be back.  Don't worry, you haven't missed any of my weaving or projects, but I am starting to feel like I can balance things better again and hope to have something to share soon.

So now that I can think much more clearly, it's onward and upward, right?  Ignore the bullies.

I imagine your number one question is: How's the baby?  Well, the baby is doing awesome!  David is such a joy to have around!  And his birth story is quite amazing... it was both the very worst and very best day of my life!  He is also growing very quickly, and even my nights haven't been too bad.  He wakes up about once per night.  I hope to get things balanced so that I can get back to weaving.  I have a new warp all measured and now I just need to thread it.  I'll work on it slowly next week during his nap times!

Here are some pictures of the little guy!

Mother's Day Pic:

Leave a nice comment, if you wish!  They are back up for now... :)