Sunday, June 22, 2014

Major Misconceptions

I've begun to look at things through a different light.  I'm not sure what brought it on, but it is a good thing!

I don't know how many of you are signed up for interweave press weaving emails, but in May, I wrote an email article for them about twill, more specifically 2/2 twill.  I mentioned my blanket that I wove a few years ago, and how I used the scraps to make David handwoven pants.

Here are a few pictures of the plaid I made in July 2011:

Here is a picture of David in his pants made from the plaid!  David was actually getting ready to go to the doctor's office when this picture was taken, and he had a huge diaper blow-out on the way to the office so the pants actually didn't last long... *sigh*... It's the story of our lives now!

Anyway, the other day he was wearing these pants (I should say he was crammed into these used-to-be-pants-and-now-they-are-shorts because they are getting a bit on the small side...) when I was looked down and saw this in the design:

What?!  I spy a houndstooth print in 2/2 twill!!!

In my whole weaving career, I have always thought that 2/2 houndstooth was not worth my time, that certainly 8-shaft would be so much better only because it was... well... 8-shafts.  Who have I become?  I am sorry to say that I have become that cranky goody-two-shoes weaver that turns her nose up at what she thinks is inferior stuff if it doesn't use all the shafts on her biggest loom!  I remember this time before I got my floor looms when I was in the public library checking out books on inkle weaving.  The volunteer librarian, who had to tell me that she was a member of the local weaving guild, said a very snide remark about people who weave without large looms and how it's not worth her time.  It left such a bad taste in my mouth that I have never joined the local guild in my area.  Anyways... I have become her... my lousiest weaving-person memory ever.

I also just can't believe that I designed this plaid and stared at it for how many hours, and never saw this little hounds tooth hiding in it.  And I can't believe I have dismissed 2/2 hounds tooth twill without even giving it a try!!  One of the benefits of a 2/2 hounds tooth would be a stronger structure.  In an 8-shaft hounds tooth, the hounds tooth are HUGE and easy to spot across a room the size of a gym, but it comes with a price.  The 4/4 twill done in huge worsted weight yarn is a very "sleazy" and holey weave, in other words it leaves lots of places to snag on jewelry... or slimy kids who like to stick their fingers through things.  Another benefit of 2/2 twill hounds tooth is that the
pattern is much smaller.  I am thinking a new pair of pants for David done in hounds tooth would be fantastic... but smaller hounds tooth would be even more fantastic because they would look more realistic and adult-like and there would be a lot more hounds tooth per square inch of fabric!  I'm also thinking that this would make an excellent dishtowel for my sister, who LOVES this design!  I have already made her a huge collect of hounds tooth stuff... this would only add to it!

Onwards and upwards... right?  I am now on a quest to try 2/2 hounds tooth twill... I hope it's everything I wish it to be!  Here is the game plan for all you other fellow weavers out there who wish to join me in my new quest of weaving Hounds Tooth Mini: