Wednesday, July 16, 2014


 Here are the bloomers!  I used the big butt pants pattern made by Rae... but I made them into shorts with elastic at the legs.

 The back:

When next to each other, the pants appear like they will be too big, but I'm not really sure how all this will fit as a set.  The dress was marked as 12 months while the pants are 6-12 months... so hopefully it will all work out ok.  If they stick out the bottom of the dress, that is ok.  Also, I know from experience that the diaper part takes up a lot of space and should pull the pant length up quite a bit... probably to the knees at least, but I'm not sure where the dress will fall.

No matter how they fit together, they turned out so cute! I know for sure that they will be loved and worn, even if it's not together as a set!  :)

In other news, David is babbling A LOT!  He loves talking to black kitty!  Here he is telling black kitty some elaborate story!