Thursday, July 10, 2014

In the summer, in the desert

Daily walks are included here!  Before this little guy was born, I would exercise anywhere form 4-6 miles daily.  And I never stopped!  I swear this is what made my recovery from the c-section go so well.

Here are just a few of the things we need to survive a walk in the desert.  It's only 6:30 in the morning, but notice we have the umbrella for shade in this desert heat.  It is also wind-proof up to 55 miles an hour... which really is a concern here!  It's an amazing object and now that I've experienced it, I'm not sure how I did without it.  I have yet to try it out in the rain though! The pants and socks are to shade the baby's feet and legs from the sun... because really, I can't see his feet very easily to make sure they're covered all the time.  Also, we have a water pack that holds my 2 liters of water, plus a bottle for the baby and a bag of formula  and a diaper... because you never know when or where you will need those things.  Furthermore, the baby carrier equipped with a binkie on a ribbon for just in case.  And lastly, Australian sunscreen for super sensitive skin that has absolutely no smell and you can't even feel it on you.  And that friends is how you dress for success in the summer, in the desert.

After our walk, we usually come inside and play before nap time!  I love how giggly David is getting during play time.  I made him a crochet cat the other day after seeing some online.  They are so much fun!  The pattern is from Hello My Name is Amineko and it's a very easy pattern to make.  I tried it first with pink yarn and a small crochet hook, but the cat is pretty stiff so next time I might try a bigger hook.  David loves his kitty and loves cooing at it and talking to it!  Too bad it's pink though... that's all I had on hand.  I'll have to search around for some other more "boy" colors!