Friday, July 4, 2014

no more

Before the baby was born, I had several weaving jobs lining up, with more potential on the way.  Baby wraps were popular, woven stuffed animals, and people wanting dishtowels.  I have had a lot of random people contact me for work, and I used to take every job I could find and think I was pretty lucky for having it.  However, right before the baby was born, I became completely burned out on weaving.  Partly it was my hands going numb from the water weight, but it was also because all I was weaving were things for other people, and not from inside my own head and heart.  And the money was only somewhat enjoyable.  I have decided to weave only for myself now and limit the jobs I take on.

Also, another change that I have noticed in myself lately is that my warps are a lot shorter.  When I would have put a 7-8 yard dishtowel warp on, now I'm choosing 3 yards and making fewer.  This is partly because my time is more limited, and also my attention span seems to have changed.  I keep getting such great ideas that I want to act upon, and if I have too much on my loom, it's frustrating.  This current warp for hounds tooth is only 3 yards, and it is a perfect size!  I've already planned 4 other projects while weaving it!  Every project I do seems to multiply as I weave it!

This little guy keeps me so busy! And it's so worth it!