Sunday, July 6, 2014

The lure of hounds tooth

I don't really know what the lure is of hounds tooth, but it is a really neat classic design!  I feel like I have definitely woven my share of it!

Right now I am working on a 2/2 twill hounds tooth scarf in worsted weight yarn sett at 8 epi.  I am hoping to get a feel for what a doubleweave blanket would look like woven in similar yarn (maybe different colors...).  What I really like the most about this weave is how sturdy it feels compared to the 8-shaft version with floats that are 4 threads long.  The 8-shaft version feels so flimsy and the yarn can catch on rings, zippers, or other things.  As 2/2 twill, the longest floats are only 2 threads long, and I really like how solid it is weaving up. 

And now, a word from our sponsor.... bubble boy!