Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1st sample

First sample has been started... and it's ok.  First, the epi seems like it could use some tightening up.  It's sett is a tabby sett of 24 epi, and it could probably tighten up to a twill sett of 30 epi.  Second, the light green and light yellow are so light that they almost blend together.  I think a slightly different tone would be good.  But this really is just a sample...  Otherwise, it really does look like it's supposed to!  The weave structure is really neat.  There are some longer floats mixed in with very short threads.  I wonder what it will look and feel like when it's washed up!

I might try a tighter sett for the next sample.  Also, it needs some floating salvage threads on each end!

A little bit of David showing off in the mirror.  He loves watching himself move and talk!