Monday, August 4, 2014


I'm kind of an ADHD weaver.  I weave, think, get distracted (usually by the computer), and then weave again to start the cycle all over!  I don't really ever sit and weave for more than probably 10 minutes at a time because I think too much and distract myself!

Let's put on our thinking caps:

Here's the current project.  It's very smooth, however, it is loaded with 4-thread floats.  Because of this, the threads also pack together really well, too well, and take away the squareness.  With the pinwheels from towel #1, it was hard to get them square because there is a lot of tabby structure to it.

It is a really neat weave, and I do like it, but I kept thinking what would happen if I combined just a little bit more tabby into the structure?

Here are some things I was thinking of while working with this current project.  I have the threading set, so I can't change that.  I also like the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 straight treadling, so I don't want to change that.  Also, with the current stars, the warp squishes a lot, but the pinwheels didn't squish down enough.  But what if I change the tie-up of the stars to have a little bit more tabby?  It would make some neat patterns!  Here are some ideas I might try with this warp:

Experiment #1:

With this experiment, I lose the pinwheel and star look, but it's still fascinating looking!  This is what it would look like with only 1 color:

Experiment 2:

In this design, the star is still vaguely present, but maybe the beat won't squish it down too much.  I'm finding with the current tie-up, it squishes quite a bit while the pinwheels don't squish enough!  So this might be a good compromise, without losing the star look. This is what it looks like with solid colors in the warp and weft:

I've always liked the look of this 2/2 weave, and I can do it on this warp if I want to:

And this is what it would look like if I choose to change colors:

I have always loved the texture of the above weave, and it would be fun to do!  I've never made an entire towel out of it before.  I've always had intentions to weave a doubleweave blanket out of this weave structure though.  It's a nice one!

And now for another cute distraction baby picture!