Sunday, August 24, 2014


 This is what I was working on from page 5, with the treadling reversed at the top:

And this is the treadling found on page 46, bottom figure:

Wow, I really like this 2nd piece!!!  It's so awesome looking!  Again, I'm not fond of my choice of sample colors, but in some other colors, this would be fantastic!  Also, if I included a reverse of the warp design like in the example in the book, it would be even better!  This is really fun!  I like that it's a whole project color-dependent design, rather than little twill designs that keep repeating themselves over and over again.  It's so new!  This adds a whole new dimension to my weaving!  I'm so glad I bought the book!

Next I should try changing the weft color and see what happens...

On page 38, Marian makes a note about color choices.  She says, "In these weavings, colors float on successive shafts two by two.  An optical color merging takes place by which they [the colors] diminish in brightness and expressiveness.  For this reason, it is important to choose saturated colors.  Colors must show a strong contrast to each other."

Well... I guess there is my problem with this sample!  I didn't use enough saturated colors!  Hopefully the next one will be better...

David helping in the color selection.... it's never too early to start yarn training!