Monday, September 22, 2014

Echo weave gamp plans

I decided to do a gamp.  Here is the rotation and all the possibilities out of the 8 colors I chose:

Dark blue, med blue, teal and light blue

exchange dark blue for a new dark color, green

exchange med blue for new light color, yellow

drop teal for a new dark color, plum

drop light blue for a new light color, orange

Drop the green, add back dark blue

drop the yellow, add back med blue

drop the plum, add back teal

All the color together:

The weft rotation will go in the same order with these same colors:
 dark blue, med blue, light blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, and plum

There will be 8 different warp combinations mixed with 8 different weft possibilities, so there will be 64 different squares to study.  This is a much faster way to do this than little samples one at a time on my loom!  I just have to do it so it all fits.  Sett will be 40 epi, which will be 4 ends in each dent on a 10 dent reed.

I hope this works...

In other news, David had a successful feeding day!!  I guess he's more of an oat guy than a rice guy... and that's ok!

 He got a new high chair!  It's really nice... and purchased from a gift-card from the neighbors!


 Zip loved the box!

We also got him a "johnny jumper" on the same gift card!

He loves it!