Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hopefully it's worth the effort

 This third sample warp is made up of shades of blues: light, med, dark, and darker.  

It was tied onto the old threading.

This is the same treadling attempt, but I decided it just wasn't looking good on the actual warp.  Something about this one.... too small of a design?  In real life, it mushes together and doesn't look too good.  So I abandoned ship on this sample treadling.

 This one has a diamond shape, and I like it the most out of all the samples I have done so far!

But it's still not perfect.  It's too monotone.

I need to add some life by switching up some colors.  Perhaps a green weft... or purple.  I'll have to play around some more with it.  I might also think about switching out some of the inner colors.

I have never had to do so many samples for one project before!  This is crazy!  I guess it shows you how complicated a weave structure this is.  It has a lot of factors... colors, sett, shades and contrast... Hopefully it's worth the effort!

David enjoying that handwoven blanket I made a few months back!  It's finally getting chilly enough to bring it out!

He loves being loosely wrapped up.  And for some reason, he loves rubbing soft fabrics on his chubby cheeks!