Friday, October 31, 2014

80 samples

After studying the samples, I have noticed a pattern.  If the original combination has the weft color in it, I tend to like it better.  If you introduce a new color in the weft, it's almost too much, unless the new color is very similar to at least one of the other colors there.  Another thing I noted is if all the colors tend to go together anyway, then it always looks awesome! 

Take these 3 squares of blue, for example.  All 3 of these contain dark blue in the weft, but there is also a dark blue in the warp, too.

In the next example, the two diamonds on the right have both medium blue in the weft AND a med blue in the warp somewhere.  But the two diamonds on the left do not have a med blue in the warp.  Med blue was pulled out on those two and substituted for yellow.  It tends to look slightly muddier because of all the colors involved and also some of them are opposites.

All 4 of these diamonds contain both green in the warp and weft.  I love this spot!

 I also like the teal section overall.

Yellow and orange in general are not my most favorite sections overall, but some of the diamonds are kind of pretty anyway.  Look at the center where there are a lot of yellow and orange wefts:

 Close-up of some of the yellow an orange section... it doesn't work as well when the weft is different from all the warp colors:

This yellow and orange section works well because there is both yellow and orange in these weft combinations.  I love the two diamonds on the left, but the two on the right are also nice.

This dark section looks really good!  I think the dark weft works real well, but some light wefts were good, too!

And in this example, the light green weft is similar enough to other weft colors, so it tends to work well even though there is technically no light green in the warp combinations.  I like the 2nd from the right a lot.

And now we are DONE!!!!