Monday, October 20, 2014

Eat your greens

 Time for the green!

 I think this experiment in shades of blues and greens would be amazing!!!


Here's some up close looks at each of these squares.  It's hard to believe that all 24 squares are completely different. I'm noticing some color sections that go really well together and some that are just ok, but in the end it is always looking good.  I think this slightly tighter sett is a huge help.

There are definitely squares I like much more than others.. 

I'm leaning towards the right side of this warp as things I like.  But I wonder if I get into some of the "hotter" colors (like orange and yellow) if the left side will suddenly become more appealing because it contains more of those colors.

I've been straying a bit from weaving lately and back into electronics.  I'm sorry... they call to me!  I probably should have been doing something more productive today during David's nap time, but I made this instead... which was a lot more fun than doing laundry or dishes but so useless in the grand scheme of things.... but so enjoyable to do!