Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teal and Plum

 Loved this section in the teal!  It was the section with blues, greens, and plum.

Loved the far left with the plum, although in that row there were a lot of good ones!  Liking anything in the left side seemed like such a rare thing though that I decided to record it!

After going through all the colors, my 2 yard warp was just long enough!  I might pull some other colors from the closet and rotate through them to get an idea what some other colors might look like.

The 2nd half... 
hopefully it washes up to be more square after it comes off the loom! I think the sett is just a hair tight, but if I drop down to a #8 reed, it will become too lose.  In this case, I need a #9 reed!

The orange kitty decided to join me!

David is teething!  He has two bottom teeth already, and he's working on the top two!  Because of this, he's chewing on everything now...