Saturday, November 22, 2014

We have a scooter!

On November 1st, David took his first army scoot.  I finally captured it on camera on the 6th of Nov, and he really took off after that!  This is from Nov 16th:

David is ALL over the place right now!  He loves going after the poor kitty... but as you can guess, I don't get a whole lot done during the day when he's awake... and that's ok!  I would rather hang out with him and watch him do all his cool stunts!

I started another echo weave project, but it turns out it wasn't as good as the first.  I used 5 colors and rotated them into every combination of 5 I could get... which is 18 combinations.  And then I wove strips of each color combination.  But it was disappointing compared to the first one.  I ended up just treadling 1-8 and then 7-1 back over and over again instead of following the echo weave pattern.  I kind of like what I got, but I will definitely not repeat this one again.

Original design:

This is how I ended up weaving off the rest of that echo project:

I decided I was tired of echo weave altogether and wanted something easy and different, so I pulled out my pastel colors.  I'm not a pastel person, but I thought they worked well in this project.  I set it up as a gamp and I just pulled it off my loom last night.  I plan on turning it into dishtowels for spring gifts.

I am trying several different tie-ups:

Here's the gamp I'm doing:

And one last amazing video of David speaking!  Yes, he also is doing that!