Friday, February 20, 2015

Thousands of pictures in Photoshoots

I have taken a lot of pictures this week!  845 today alone in a photoshoot... but then there was another photoshoot Monday with another family and we decided to also do one as a family this week... so thousands and thousands of pictures later...

This was from Monday night with a family of 6.  We threw baby David into the mix for an April fool's picture for them this year.  Baby David looks just like one of their kids!

This was from the photoshoot tonight... this little lady was so much fun to photograph!  She had my complete attention with her extreme cuteness!

And here are some from our family day we took on Wednesday at the lake.  We decided to wear matching shirts, which is NOT nerdy... :)


This little guy is so close to walking on his own.  Twice today I caught David letting go of something and taking 1 step to grab onto something else!  He loves going outside to play, and I am finding he sleeps much better if we do spend time outside everyday.  We play at the park almost everyday on our way home from our morning walk or bike ride, and then later in the afternoon we play outside in our yard, both front yard and backyard.  He's not afraid to play hard, and I'm not afraid to let him get dirty!  He loves to dig in the dirt, crunch leaves, and bury himself in woodchips.

And if you came here for a weaving picture, well... you're in luck because I have one of those, too!

This is the yarn I was spinning up last week to make an extra wide scarf.  I decided to do a simple pattern like chevrons because of the chaos in the yarn.  So far, I love it!