Wednesday, May 27, 2015


My combination weaving and sewing project is coming together, and even better than planned! I’m making the blocks really big so I can make a few baby quilts. The large blocks kind of happened by accident, but I like them! I think I will use 9 per quilt. The quilt will be about 36” across, plus a border probably. I’m not really working off of plans here, just kind of winging it and seeing it in my head as I go. I used strips of fabric that were 3”, 2”, and 1”. I just made sure each side had 1 of each size as I went around. That is why the blocks ended up so large. When I do another one, I might do 2 rows, 1” and 2” all the way around and use more blocks total in the quilt.

And now some of little man: