Sunday, May 31, 2015

David's testing lab

David's putting this blanket through rigorous scientific testing to make sure it will hold up in a one-year-old's hands!  

There's the playing on test... which it passed.

The laying upon test... which it also passed.

The dragging test... passed with an A+.

The chewing test... pass.

The high speed chase test... pass.

The burrito roll test... pass.

And the crawling test... pass!

Looks like this blankie is baby approved!!  Thanks David for testing it out for mama!

I'm also impressed with how ultra thin it is.  I quilted it without batting because I wanted something very flexible so I could tuck it in easier in a stroller or take it along in the diaper bag.  It's a perfect summertime blankie! 

Oh, and by the way, it's also already been through the washer and dryer and held up perfectly!  This woven & quilted blanket is mama and baby approved!

PS.  I don't have a table loom but if that is all you have, wouldn't it be a great project to use for it?!  :)