Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A little unpacking so I can repack it

I couldn’t stand having all my weaving stuff packed up for our move, so when the moving date moved by a few weeks, I decided to unpack it and start a small project! I want to try a combination project. I was talking with my husband the other day how I would love a really big 8-shaft loom that I can weave blankets on, mainly so I could weave a pinwheel blanket. But unfortunately I just don’t have quite enough saved up (I’m really close to having enough saved up!) and also I am so busy with our baby (and there will be more in the next 5 years, so I will be even busier than I am now!) so I decided that now wouldn’t be a very good time to buy a very huge loom. My hubby gave me the idea to combine my quilting skills with my weaving skills and make a quilt that incorporates the 8-shaft pinwheel pattern in it! What a good idea… I plan on doing some big log cabin centers with plain fabric going around the outsides.

Of course, this project is nice and skinny so I can probably weave it up rather quickly and pack all the stuff up again for the move! :)

And a daily dose of David...

And a picture of my homemade wild blueberry pie with ice cream... it was delicious! Plus, it has one of my awesome dishtowels in the background.