Thursday, July 30, 2015

The week in pictures

I'm slow to set up my weaving room, but we are having so much fun outside!  Unpacking the boxes has become a low priority, although for sure we will be getting some storage stuff figured out this weekend and that will start boxes moving!  We have discovered so many parks and so many beautiful lookouts this week in Colorado Springs!  I am so proud to call this place mine!

David laughing in the grass because it tickles!

View from the Palmer Park lookout.  You can drive there, but this view made biking 45 minutes uphill totally worth it!

We discovered Wildflower park, which has a small walking path in it.  Like many of the trails in Colorado Springs, it follows a creek.

David said, "oh wow!" when he saw the very small waterfall in the creek.

We discovered a free splash pad here, too!  We discovered it after a hot bike ride, so we were a little unprepared.  We didn't have towels or sunscreen, but we played for a few minutes anyway.  David wanted to play more!  It's his new love in life!

We bought a zoo pass so we can go 365 days a year!  We have definitely used it enough to pay it off by now, and it expires a year from tomorrow!  :)

I am loving the sunsets here!  They are totally amazing! This is how the Rocky Mountains do sunsets.

David entertaining himself while I take pictures of sunsets...