Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And the crafting has begun!

Before we left Arizona, I had discovered printing my own t-shirts and it was so much fun!  While unpacking, I came across 2 more shirts I needed to make for David before he outgrew this size (probably in Oct we will make the size switch).  I love this little robot, and decided to print opposites on it.  And then the white bike shirt is a repeat from one I made him in June because the original shirt size (18 mo) was one size too small (more like 12 mo fit), even though it was marked as his size (18 mo).  These shirts are the next size up (24 mo), and they are the same size as his current size (18 mo).  I took a sharpie and made the corrections to all the shirt's labels so when the next kid comes along I won't be confused!

And here is a random pic of him reading.  More and more lately he asks to read a book!  It's so wonderful!  I love it when he comes running up to me with a book in his hand and wants to sit in my lap.  I stop whatever I'm doing and read with him.