Friday, February 18, 2011

The Fair Project 2011

Last year, for the first time I decided to enter the county fair. This was my project, and I was only hoping to maybe get runner up.

But when we got to the fair, this is what I saw:

So now the challenge is to beat myself this fall. I saw this pattern in a book called Lee's Surrender:

When I saw this pattern, I KNEW this is what I wanted to make. But then I had to choose the colors. I wanted to chose something super modern with pizazz like this:

But it just didn't seem right. Maybe someday I will try it at least, but for now, I went with more traditional colors:

And I really like it! The warp was long enough to make 3 different ones, this in navy, one in red, and one in brown. But this is my favorite!