Sunday, October 18, 2015

Party Animal Pants

Pants, pants, pants!  We're all about pants now that there is a great fallish chill to the air.  I decided during the move that I have way too much yarn, so I really need to work on using up my stash.  I intended to drop a few low cones with this project, but unfortunately, I didn't use up any colors!  Some of the cones are very low, but I guess that means I will have to do this rainbow plaid again! 

I decided to cut this one up into fancy pants for David.  I used the "Big Butt Baby Pants" pattern, made by Rae.

It is the only pants pattern I have used for David's entire life, and it's my favorite!  These are 24 mo, and the pattern goes to 2T, so I have another year and a half before I really need to find another great pants pattern for him!

We decided to do our photoshoot at Garden of the Gods, which is an amazing place to visit!  It's so pretty there!

Here's the pattern for you.  It's a broken twill so the floats are no longer than 2 threads. So far, the pants seem to be holding up to all the wear and tear he puts them through!  No snags even!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spinning complete!

Spinning for this project is now complete!  Time to warp!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday Yarn

Spinning some yarn for a project I have in my head.  It should be super awesome!  I got this ashland bay roving at Paradise Fibers in Spokane, WA a few years ago.  I found it the other day and started spinning.  It felt good to be spinning again!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Project Fancy Pants Complete!

David will be stylin’ in these handwoven houndstooth pants come Oct-April! The fabric is woven with 100% cotton so they are super soft and thick! They are 18-24 mo size for winter weather. I am thinking of making a matching suit coat and bow-tie… since there is plenty of time to plan it all out!  Oh yeah, and I'm also going to sew him a white button up shirt.  It will be the complete handmade outfit!

It will be like being wrapped in soft dishtowels all day long… oooohhh… ahhhh… who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in soft dishtowels?! I’m a little jealous! I’ll have to make some in my size.

The cool thing is, if I run out of fabric, I can just make some more! Forget Hobby Lobby and the fabric stores... 17 years down the line, I could totally re-make these for his senior prom... because he's going to love them THAT much.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Square Samples

I have been working a lot with squares lately!  I don't know why, but I love squares right now.  They are so predictable, but you can do a lot with them.

Here is one in 3/1 twill.  I was worried about the stability of the fabric and wondered if it would curl with washing, but it didn't!  I will work more with this pattern later!

These squares are done in summer and winter, only because I have an 8-shaft loom.  If I had a 24-shaft loom, I would do them in 3/1 twill so that I could use whatever colors I want to use!  Right now with them woven in summer and winter, I am somewhat limited on my color choices because the colors will mush if I put too many in.  I will still experiment, but I have to be careful with the combinations I come up with.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fancy Pants

My current project is weaving fabric for new pants for David!

I was going to make them in his next size up, but the fabric is very thick so I might go for the next size after that so it will be wintertime next year (18-24 mo size).  These will be awesome!  I have had a goal to make him hound's tooth pants for months now.  I'm glad to finally sit and do it!

Speaking of hound's tooth, I can now share with you the Christmas gift I made for my sister.  I wove her a blanket in hound's tooth, but I had to weave in with doubleweave because my loom is too small to do it the regular way.

It turned out perfect!  You could hardly see the fold when it was all washed up.  And she loved it!  She loves ANYTHING hound's tooth!