Friday, January 30, 2015

Project Fancy Pants Complete!

David will be stylin’ in these handwoven houndstooth pants come Oct-April! The fabric is woven with 100% cotton so they are super soft and thick! They are 18-24 mo size for winter weather. I am thinking of making a matching suit coat and bow-tie… since there is plenty of time to plan it all out!  Oh yeah, and I'm also going to sew him a white button up shirt.  It will be the complete handmade outfit!

It will be like being wrapped in soft dishtowels all day long… oooohhh… ahhhh… who wouldn’t want to be wrapped up in soft dishtowels?! I’m a little jealous! I’ll have to make some in my size.

The cool thing is, if I run out of fabric, I can just make some more! Forget Hobby Lobby and the fabric stores... 17 years down the line, I could totally re-make these for his senior prom... because he's going to love them THAT much.