Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Woven Bookmarks

I'm trying an experiment to prepare for Christmas 2011.  I know, a bit early but that's just me!  I'm such a planner... as Brian always reminds me.

For Christmas cards, I need something small that I can make both quickly and in mass quantities or else I get a little bored with the tediousness of it.  So after an experiment with something else that didn't go so well last weekend (hence the lack of pictures of that project) I decided this year to maybe try bookmarks to put on my Christmas cards.

Weaving bookmarks one at a time didn't feel like I would utilize the loom to its capacity.  Instead, I decided to try something I saw on another blog where you weave a whole bunch at once then sew the ends and trim apart.  So far, it's a lot of fun to try some new designs and let my feet, shuttle, and mind explore and create together in an untethered-to-the-patterns kind of way.

Next time they will have more Christmas colors mixed in!