Monday, June 13, 2011

Dominos #21

In the May/June 2005 Handwoven magazine there is a pattern called Overshot Made Easy for Pot Holders by Jean Koruson (page 30-33).  What I find fascinating is that she used 8/4 cotton carpet warp for both the warp and tabby and then worsted weight cotton knitting yarn for the pattern weft.  I have never thought of going this big with overshot before, usually I am trying to get it all balanced with the very small weights of yarns.  This is so exciting!

As you all know, I love Bertha Gray Hayes' patterns SO MUCH!!  So I decided to the Dominos pattern for my first pot holder warp.

I wanted super  bright colors!  I think these will do!

And here is the sample so far:

There are a few threading errors on the right (not shown) that I need to either ignore or work out.  I'm thinking Jean Korus (who wrote the article) chose the single pattern repeat for her potholders for a reason.  I'm not getting enough pattern repeats to make it really that neat, but perhaps once I fix the threading error and actually wash it and take it off the loom I will like it a bit better.  I do like the effect of 8/4 and worsted weight knitting yarn!  I can think of all kinds of things this would be good for, like rugs.  In fact, it was just on Tuesday I received an email from Judy last week about her rug using these larger sized yarns.  I am so glad to get such good ideas to try out!