Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rainbow scarves

I started the next project: The Rainbow Scarves

 I got to use a warping paddle for the first time!!!  It was so cool!!!

   This is a 6 yard warp of 10/2 cotton sett at 30 epi on a #15 reed.
Remember my pattern?  Originally it had black as the weft, but I changed my mind.  Here it is with the "new AND improved" modifications:

 All threaded and ready to go!

 I decided to play with some white as the weft because 1) it already has a lot of dark colors and this way it looks brighter, 2) the white looks like clouds, 3) white light is caused by all the colors mixed together, and 4) it goes more with rainbow tie-die.  This scarf is kind of based on tie-die to begin with.  The story is, at our school we had 6 different teams and every team had a color of the rainbow.  These scarves are going to the Special Ed teachers who had students in all the different team colors!  
So far, it's super bright!!!  And very happy!!!

Oh, and see the book my mom let me borrow?  It goes right along with the zoo, but in a quilting way!  I'm excited to look through it and plan a quilt to do this summer!!