Thursday, May 9, 2013

Green, blue, and purple

 I've decided to pull all of my green, blue, and purple yarn to make this blanket.  

 They look really good together!  And here is a black and white check to see the values of darks vs. lights:

 It looks like a good ratio of lights, mediums, and darks!

I think this will look really good!

 Can't wait to get this blankie warped!

Here are my estimates and calculations for this project:

At the warp board: 2 strands at a time, around the board 24 times total for 3.5 yards (that leaves 1/2 yard for a sample piece to make sure everything is threaded correctly.)  This means that there are 48 threads per color change, and with 6 threads per dent that means that each square of weaving will need 8 dents in the reed.

26"x10 dents per inch = 260 dents available, and since the number needs to be divisible by 8, that means I will use 224 dents, leaving 3.6 inches total to be free, which is 1.8" on each side.  One extra dent on the right will be filled with the extra center threads to help space out the center better.  I might do the same on the other end, add a few extra to make it space out better on the edges.

224/8 dents total per color change  = 28 squares total across when unfolded

224 dents x 6 strands in each dent = 1,344 threads total in the warp

I am warping the reed to weave at 30 epi, but after washing, it comes out to be more like 34 epi.  Therefore, with 1344 threads, it will be approximately 40" across (approx 43-44" before washing)  I am calculating a 12-14% shrinkage rate.  It should be weaving up at 22.5" at the reed.

I have checked and rechecked my calculations, and I think I'm finally ready to warp!