Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More pinwheels!

This would make an awesome blanket but too bad my 8-shaft loom isn't wide enough, nor could it do an 8-shaft pattern with double weave.  If I want a blanket, I would have to make 2 panels and sew them together, which would be cool but a lot of work. 

This is weaving up rather quickly, plus I just had a nice long weekend to catch up some!  My list of "weaving to-do's" is a mile long, so I'm glad to almost be done with this so I can move onto the next big thing.

This design is very predictable and sometimes very boring... which isn't something I do very often!  I told Brian the other day that the only reason why I had so many looms for so long is because I often secretly hoped that he would take up weaving.  It would be interesting to see what he would design.  I have a feeling it would be very predictable, like this, and that is why he likes this pattern so much!  Well, the looms are sold now, so I guess if he wants to weave he'll have to fight me for my 8-shaft.