Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ready for the baby!

I almost ran out of yarn on this one... wow, I really cut it close!

On the last stripe, I ran out of blue, so I had to substitute in a few shots of teal.  I don't think anyone will even notice, and I think it looks cool that way, anyway!  It's a good story!

The warp was plenty long!  I advanced it a little bit more before cutting it completely off to make the fringe a little longer.  I actually cut the fringe off 8 strands at a time, and then tie it right then.  Otherwise, the weft just pops out of place so quickly!  One thing I liked about having a slightly longer than needed warp on the doubleweave was the threads not sticking together in the end and causing seriously bad floats.  I had one float I had to deal with, and it was so easy to fix because it was near a short piece of yarn anyway.

Lots of work to do when it comes off... it took awhile!

But good thing I had Scout to help keep me company!

I love the way it turned out!!!

It looks great with the white crib!

I think our baby boy will love it!  I still need to send this blanket through the washer and dryer, and I think that will take out a few of the abnormalities that I see, as well as relax the center fold.

Until then... we wait for him to come... but it's still a little bit early for him to arrive!

My to-do list is almost done!!!  Yay!  My goal is to complete it before little baby boy comes!