Friday, November 28, 2014

Finished projects

I finally took the time to finish 3 different projects!  I had to do it over several days during David's naptimes!

The pastel towels are done, and hemmed.  I just turned the edges over on these ones because I don't have any white thread that works well in my serger.  

I ended up using 3 different designs.

The blue echo project is also done.  I ended up making 3 baby burp clothes for a friend having a boy in the spring.  


I also made 2 gigantic towels out of the zigzags... they are so big, I could probably use one as a blanket for David on our chilly morning walks!  :)

And I turned my first echo weave sample into a handtowel for the bathroom!  It's nice and thick because of the tight epi!

David enjoyed his first Thanksgiving!  He ate a little bit of everything... and the pumpkin pie was his absolute favorite!  He also liked the cranberry sauce, which I found surprising because of how tart it happens to be!

David also decided to finally sit-up on Thanksgiving day!  He's wearing a jacket because we were about to go out for a walk.

Today we spent a lot of time practicing this new skill of sitting up!  Here he is enjoying some piano time this morning!

And by this afternoon, he wanted to stand! Of course, having the kitty in arms reach is great motivation to move!  Good thing the cat is extremely tolerant... he has yet to swipe at David when he grabs a fist full of feline fur!

I love watching him grow and explore his world!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

We have a scooter!

On November 1st, David took his first army scoot.  I finally captured it on camera on the 6th of Nov, and he really took off after that!  This is from Nov 16th:

David is ALL over the place right now!  He loves going after the poor kitty... but as you can guess, I don't get a whole lot done during the day when he's awake... and that's ok!  I would rather hang out with him and watch him do all his cool stunts!

I started another echo weave project, but it turns out it wasn't as good as the first.  I used 5 colors and rotated them into every combination of 5 I could get... which is 18 combinations.  And then I wove strips of each color combination.  But it was disappointing compared to the first one.  I ended up just treadling 1-8 and then 7-1 back over and over again instead of following the echo weave pattern.  I kind of like what I got, but I will definitely not repeat this one again.

Original design:

This is how I ended up weaving off the rest of that echo project:

I decided I was tired of echo weave altogether and wanted something easy and different, so I pulled out my pastel colors.  I'm not a pastel person, but I thought they worked well in this project.  I set it up as a gamp and I just pulled it off my loom last night.  I plan on turning it into dishtowels for spring gifts.

I am trying several different tie-ups:

Here's the gamp I'm doing:

And one last amazing video of David speaking!  Yes, he also is doing that!