Saturday, July 30, 2016

Baby girl!

Sewing like crazy is an under-statement!  I'm almost done with preparations for newborn to 6 months, then I can focus on 6mo-12mo.  One step at a time!  Today I put the finishing touches on a pink and white houndstooth blanket I wove for her. I love it!

I've also finished 3 crocheted hats, 16 pairs of pants, a Drunkard's path quilt, 3 dresses, and several up-cycled onesies from David's collection. I cut out a stencil in freezer paper, iron it onto a onesie, and then put on fabric paint. It's a great way to cover up old stains!

And some pics of David I took two nights ago and the week before.  He's going to be such an awesome big brother!

Friday, July 8, 2016

It's a.......

Make sure you turn up the volume for this video!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Airport quilt

Our fellow flight friends are having their first baby in Oct and it's a boy!  I knew they would have a flight theme for their baby's room, so I instantly started brainstorming!  I didn't have a pattern, so this quilt idea came from my head. I machine quilted it, and it's full of mistakes but still turned out really cute!  I used flannel in the middle instead of batting and I sewed it into a pouch and turned it so it's bindingless.  It also has two weaving scraps in it!

I knew it would be cute so I made two, one for them and one for us!

It's sized for use with hot wheels cars, planes, and helicopters. It can be used right away or later as a playmat.

Here's some pictures of the process!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Color Explosion

My goal here was to make a blanket out of stash yarn for our baby due on Thanksgiving day (Nov 24th)!  We don't know if it's a boy or girl yet, but I feel that this blanket would work well with either one.  I used 8/4 cotton from Webs and wove it on my 8 shaft baby wolf using doubleweave. It's done in plain weave to minimize the baby pulling on threads. (My two year old has a twill blanket and he likes pulling threads out!)  It's very soft, and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out!  I can't wait to wrap our new little baby in it!

And now a few of David, who is growing like a weed!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

New baby

Finished a new blankie for new baby! This is just using up yarn I have on hand. It’s a cotton/linen blend I bought years ago and I’m tired of packing it up and moving it from house to house! My goal is to weave up a bunch of my stash yarn before our next move. Don’t know if new baby is a boy or a girl yet, but these are still my favorite colors (blue and green) and also hubby’s favorites, too… so gender doesn’t really matter!
I'm did plain weave and not twill because David likes to pull strings on his twill blanket and I’m constantly fixing it. Plain weave should be a little more robust.
Threading= 1-8, every other thread is every other layer
Meaning one half is odd shafts (1,3,5,7) 
The other half is even (2,4,6,8)
Tie up is one half of first layer, all the top layer plus half the bottom, all the top layer again and the other half of the bottom, and then the other half of the top layer.
Treadles look like this: 
1= 1,5 
2= 1,3,4,5,7,8 (all but 2,6) 
3= 1,2,3,5,6,7 (all but 4,8) 
4= 3,7
Finished size 41”x44”.
Sett was 12epi (24epi for doubleweave)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

David's pants

Here are some of the pants I've made for David!  The first picture is the fox pants made from a hand carved stamp. 

These pants are the pinwheel fabric and matching pinstriped fabric.

And these pants were made from a hand carved colorado stamp and handwoven fabric.

It's almost shorts season so I've also worked on some of those, but not out of handwoven fabric!  I'm not sure I have the energy for shorts made from handwoven fabric right now!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016


David is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fabric Making

I've been dying to make David a pair of pants from the 8-shaft pinwheel pattern, but I always chicken out at the last minute because I'm afraid that the 4-thread float will be too long.  But this time, I decided to not let it scare me!  I made it out of 16/2 thread so it will be very fine fabric and also the 4-thread float can be very short!  While weaving the pinwheel fabric, I decided that I really wanted to make a matching fabric, since the pants pattern I have takes two fabrics.  But I had to think about what wouldn't clash with the already busy pinwheels.  I chose plain weave with the green and one thread of the teal every 1/2".  I wove 8 yards of the pinwheel fabric, and I'm currently working on weaving 5 yards of the plain fabric.  I'm about 75% done with the plain weave!

While designing these fabrics, I decided that I really liked the designing part!  I started thinking while weaving the fabric if I could actually print on fabric.  After a little research, I found some ink that is oil-based, but cleans up with soap and water.  It's the Speedball brand, and you have to let it set 1 week before washing.  I just barely made the samples last week, but here they are!  I just washed them up today and the ink seems to be holding ok!  Here are my samples:

Hand-carved fox stamp:

Hand-carved orange stamp:

I also got some stamps from hobby lobby with letters so I can put some words on his clothes, too.  He really loves letters right now and pointing them out and naming them!

I think in the future, one of these prints would look awesome paired with a handwoven plaid fabric!

This little boy is growing up so fast, and will be 2 next month!!

In-between taking care of David and designing fabric and doing all the housework, I've also been playing with a very easy to use time lapse camera and I've had a blast!  Here are some of my videos:

Dancing Clock:




Garden of the Gods:


I have a ton of ideas to do with this camera, too!  There is just so many fun things going on right now!  :)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Catsup and mustard, and nothing having to do with food

I can't believe January is almost over, and I never even shared my Christmas towels I made for family!  "Where is 2016 going?" I'm already asking myself!

Here are the Christmas towels that I promised to show you so long ago!  These were so much fun to make and didn't take as much thought to do as you would fear!

I didn't follow any particular pattern. When I sat down to thread my loom, I did more of a profile draft style threading but I didn't write it down first I just do it from my head. Same thing for treadling- I didn't have that written down first I just followed a profile-like draft from my head. So it was all somewhat of a surprise to me as I went!

The towels I made were from 12/2 cotton.  I warped 6 yards, and the epi was 24. Made 8 towels total.

Just a little reminder... When threading for summer and winter….
block 1 = 1 3 2 3
block 2 = 1 4 2 4
block 3 = 1 5 2 5
block 4 = 1 6 2 6
block 5 = 1 7 2 7
block 6 = 1 8 2 8

David is, of course, growing like a weed!  We've been having so much fun playing and playing and playing everywhere we go!  He's picking up all kinds of words and he's even started speaking 2 word sentences!  It's so much fun to see him learn and grow!  I've been weaving him plaids and turning them into pants.  I know it probably doesn't make much sense to take so much time to do it, but I really like doing it and I really like seeing him wear the pants!  It means a lot to me!

Here he is enjoying them outside, too!

Because I used the plaid in a small part of the pants pattern, I was able to squeeze 3 pairs of pants total out of the 4 yards I warped.  This means I could make one of David's friends a pair of pants, and another pair went to our friends back in Arizona who adopted a baby a few weeks ago!

While weaving this plaid, I got an idea for a different plaid that I had to tuck away into my head until this one was done!  The next one I included some orange.  I decided to make the pants in a larger size and use the plaid as the main fabric.  David doesn't quite fit in the larger size yet, but I think he'll look super when he does wear them! 

This plaid was plain weave sett at 24 with 10/2 perle cotton, and the plaid ended up a little tall.  Next time, I might try setting this size of yarn at 20 epi to make it a little more square.  But I still love it! And I love how subtle it is on the pants.  It will be easier to match to other clothing!

One thing I like about making fabric for pants is that I only need to warp 4 yards and it doesn’t have to be very wide. It also weaves up rather quickly, and when using several colors, I don’t need to worry about how my edges look or carrying the yarn any specific way. I can just weave with no worries at all! And then on the days he wears the pants, I enjoy looking at handwoven fabric all day, even when we’re out shopping or playing at a park!

 Here's a few more pics of David being David!  We have so much fun every single day!

He carries this table all around the backyard.  The people who lived here before us left it in the yard!

This Colorado hat is something I've really been wanting to make for him.  It looks a lot like the state flag, which I also really love!  I decided to finally watch a youtube video and learn how to crochet hats.  And viola!  This hat came to be!  He loves this hat and wears it everywhere, even when he's indoors!  I'm glad he loves it!!

Onward and upward to the next adventures! I have more weaving and sewing planned, and I hope to write updates a little more frequently!  Enjoy your weekend!  I heard that we might get snowed in... :)