Monday, October 20, 2014

Eat your greens

 Time for the green!

 I think this experiment in shades of blues and greens would be amazing!!!


Here's some up close looks at each of these squares.  It's hard to believe that all 24 squares are completely different. I'm noticing some color sections that go really well together and some that are just ok, but in the end it is always looking good.  I think this slightly tighter sett is a huge help.

There are definitely squares I like much more than others.. 

I'm leaning towards the right side of this warp as things I like.  But I wonder if I get into some of the "hotter" colors (like orange and yellow) if the left side will suddenly become more appealing because it contains more of those colors.

I've been straying a bit from weaving lately and back into electronics.  I'm sorry... they call to me!  I probably should have been doing something more productive today during David's nap time, but I made this instead... which was a lot more fun than doing laundry or dishes but so useless in the grand scheme of things.... but so enjoyable to do!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ooooh's and Ahhhh's

 Here is what it looks like through 2 color rotations.  Funny thing... the med blue isn't that great when you look at individual squares, however, it sure looks good as a whole... strange.  I'm still not quite understanding this color thing with echo weave, but I'm sure enjoying myself right now!

 3 blocks from the right, there is a major threading mistake that I'm just leaving for now.  It does kind of make it somewhat interesting...

This is my planned warp color rotation, from right to left.  I think it will look nice in this order!

And some more hiking pictures!  We've really been enjoying the hiking lately!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

And thus, it begins!

If you look close enough, you can see some of my threading mistakes, but that's ok because that is not what I'm focusing on right now.  I'm more concerned about discovering what colors will go together.  So far, they all look like they are going to go well together!  In fact, I kind of like this look of fading from one to the other!  It's neat!

On this day, my dad and I hiked 10 miles before 10 o'clock in the morning!  It was awesome!  Here are some of our sights!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

That moment when...'re about to jump in!

I think this is one of the prettiest warps I've ever done!

And this was one of the prettiest hikes I've ever done!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

All threaded

It's 100% done, but riddled with mistakes.  I realized only when I was done threading the constant mistake I kept making.  However, I'm all the way through now and it's only a sample mainly to test color, so I'm really not worrying about them yet.  If I want to make it into a towel, I can either start completely over or fix them and then tie onto the warp.  Chances are I will pretty much always choose staring over from scratch.

David's eyes look just like the eyes on his toy!  haha

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1/2 way threaded!

I know there are some threading errors on the first 2 rows (on the far left), but it is nothing major.  I think there is an extra row of 1's and not enough 8 blocks in the first one, and then something like that again in the second one.  It took me a few to get into a threading pattern.  But since it's just a sample, I didn't go back and fix it to make it absolutely perfect!  I'm just really testing the colors and sett at this point.

Just chillin'... 

Oh yeah, and now that David is eating solids, talk about energy!  He kicks his legs so much more, and moves all the time!  He doesn't nap much now either.  He is growing up so much everyday!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Not all the combinations

It occurred to me while measuring out this warp that this isn't even all the combinations of lights and darks I could make at one time!  I could probably make yet another warp that is also this big if I went in the opposite direction of combining them!  Yikes!  That is a lot of combinations!  This will at least give me an idea of what I have to work with.  I'll worry about all the other missing combinations some other day!  :)  I also got to thinking that a warp that slowly fades from green to blue would be spectacular!  You could do it the same way as this one by replacing one thread every combination.  It's amazing how it changes as you go across.  My favorite section so far is the middle right half with all those blues and greens.  I'm excited to see what this will look like!  Hopefully it's not a complete flop, but a great learning opportunity instead.

David loves his blankets and quilts!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Echo weave gamp plans

I decided to do a gamp.  Here is the rotation and all the possibilities out of the 8 colors I chose:

Dark blue, med blue, teal and light blue

exchange dark blue for a new dark color, green

exchange med blue for new light color, yellow

drop teal for a new dark color, plum

drop light blue for a new light color, orange

Drop the green, add back dark blue

drop the yellow, add back med blue

drop the plum, add back teal

All the color together:

The weft rotation will go in the same order with these same colors:
 dark blue, med blue, light blue, teal, green, yellow, orange, and plum

There will be 8 different warp combinations mixed with 8 different weft possibilities, so there will be 64 different squares to study.  This is a much faster way to do this than little samples one at a time on my loom!  I just have to do it so it all fits.  Sett will be 40 epi, which will be 4 ends in each dent on a 10 dent reed.

I hope this works...

In other news, David had a successful feeding day!!  I guess he's more of an oat guy than a rice guy... and that's ok!

 He got a new high chair!  It's really nice... and purchased from a gift-card from the neighbors!


 Zip loved the box!

We also got him a "johnny jumper" on the same gift card!

He loves it!