Saturday, January 24, 2015

Square Samples

I have been working a lot with squares lately!  I don't know why, but I love squares right now.  They are so predictable, but you can do a lot with them.

Here is one in 3/1 twill.  I was worried about the stability of the fabric and wondered if it would curl with washing, but it didn't!  I will work more with this pattern later!

These squares are done in summer and winter, only because I have an 8-shaft loom.  If I had a 24-shaft loom, I would do them in 3/1 twill so that I could use whatever colors I want to use!  Right now with them woven in summer and winter, I am somewhat limited on my color choices because the colors will mush if I put too many in.  I will still experiment, but I have to be careful with the combinations I come up with.

Our little guy David is growing like a weed!  He is 9 months old already!  And he is as cute as ever!  He stands up on EVERYTHING now... and when he takes a spill, he rarely cries!  That is AWESOME!  He's a tuff little dude!

We had a beautiful rainstorm blow in this week and look at how it was sunny and cloudy at the same time!  It was a beautiful day!