Friday, January 9, 2015

Fancy Pants

My current project is weaving fabric for new pants for David!

I was going to make them in his next size up, but the fabric is very thick so I might go for the next size after that so it will be wintertime next year (18-24 mo size).  These will be awesome!  I have had a goal to make him hound's tooth pants for months now.  I'm glad to finally sit and do it!

Speaking of hound's tooth, I can now share with you the Christmas gift I made for my sister.  I wove her a blanket in hound's tooth, but I had to weave in with doubleweave because my loom is too small to do it the regular way.

It turned out perfect!  You could hardly see the fold when it was all washed up.  And she loved it!  She loves ANYTHING hound's tooth!

And of course, David is growing SO fast!  He's almost 9 months old now!  We are just ecstatic about everything he does!  He is pulling himself up onto furniture now, crawling on his knees, and talking a little tiny bit now, too!  Brian installed this little pull-up bar under the window so he can look outside whenever he wants to...

And we are loving our biking trips!  I still have to work up to a daily biking trip, but we go at least several times a week right now.  David sleeps the whole way!  
 We keep him nice and warm and cozy!

David also has grown a lot of teeth!

Check out this super cute smile: