Saturday, January 30, 2016

Catsup and mustard, and nothing having to do with food

I can't believe January is almost over, and I never even shared my Christmas towels I made for family!  "Where is 2016 going?" I'm already asking myself!

Here are the Christmas towels that I promised to show you so long ago!  These were so much fun to make and didn't take as much thought to do as you would fear!

I didn't follow any particular pattern. When I sat down to thread my loom, I did more of a profile draft style threading but I didn't write it down first I just do it from my head. Same thing for treadling- I didn't have that written down first I just followed a profile-like draft from my head. So it was all somewhat of a surprise to me as I went!

The towels I made were from 12/2 cotton.  I warped 6 yards, and the epi was 24. Made 8 towels total.

Just a little reminder... When threading for summer and winter….
block 1 = 1 3 2 3
block 2 = 1 4 2 4
block 3 = 1 5 2 5
block 4 = 1 6 2 6
block 5 = 1 7 2 7
block 6 = 1 8 2 8

David is, of course, growing like a weed!  We've been having so much fun playing and playing and playing everywhere we go!  He's picking up all kinds of words and he's even started speaking 2 word sentences!  It's so much fun to see him learn and grow!  I've been weaving him plaids and turning them into pants.  I know it probably doesn't make much sense to take so much time to do it, but I really like doing it and I really like seeing him wear the pants!  It means a lot to me!

Here he is enjoying them outside, too!

Because I used the plaid in a small part of the pants pattern, I was able to squeeze 3 pairs of pants total out of the 4 yards I warped.  This means I could make one of David's friends a pair of pants, and another pair went to our friends back in Arizona who adopted a baby a few weeks ago!

While weaving this plaid, I got an idea for a different plaid that I had to tuck away into my head until this one was done!  The next one I included some orange.  I decided to make the pants in a larger size and use the plaid as the main fabric.  David doesn't quite fit in the larger size yet, but I think he'll look super when he does wear them! 

This plaid was plain weave sett at 24 with 10/2 perle cotton, and the plaid ended up a little tall.  Next time, I might try setting this size of yarn at 20 epi to make it a little more square.  But I still love it! And I love how subtle it is on the pants.  It will be easier to match to other clothing!

One thing I like about making fabric for pants is that I only need to warp 4 yards and it doesn’t have to be very wide. It also weaves up rather quickly, and when using several colors, I don’t need to worry about how my edges look or carrying the yarn any specific way. I can just weave with no worries at all! And then on the days he wears the pants, I enjoy looking at handwoven fabric all day, even when we’re out shopping or playing at a park!

 Here's a few more pics of David being David!  We have so much fun every single day!

He carries this table all around the backyard.  The people who lived here before us left it in the yard!

This Colorado hat is something I've really been wanting to make for him.  It looks a lot like the state flag, which I also really love!  I decided to finally watch a youtube video and learn how to crochet hats.  And viola!  This hat came to be!  He loves this hat and wears it everywhere, even when he's indoors!  I'm glad he loves it!!

Onward and upward to the next adventures! I have more weaving and sewing planned, and I hope to write updates a little more frequently!  Enjoy your weekend!  I heard that we might get snowed in... :)