Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Fabric Making

I've been dying to make David a pair of pants from the 8-shaft pinwheel pattern, but I always chicken out at the last minute because I'm afraid that the 4-thread float will be too long.  But this time, I decided to not let it scare me!  I made it out of 16/2 thread so it will be very fine fabric and also the 4-thread float can be very short!  While weaving the pinwheel fabric, I decided that I really wanted to make a matching fabric, since the pants pattern I have takes two fabrics.  But I had to think about what wouldn't clash with the already busy pinwheels.  I chose plain weave with the green and one thread of the teal every 1/2".  I wove 8 yards of the pinwheel fabric, and I'm currently working on weaving 5 yards of the plain fabric.  I'm about 75% done with the plain weave!

While designing these fabrics, I decided that I really liked the designing part!  I started thinking while weaving the fabric if I could actually print on fabric.  After a little research, I found some ink that is oil-based, but cleans up with soap and water.  It's the Speedball brand, and you have to let it set 1 week before washing.  I just barely made the samples last week, but here they are!  I just washed them up today and the ink seems to be holding ok!  Here are my samples:

Hand-carved fox stamp:

Hand-carved orange stamp:

I also got some stamps from hobby lobby with letters so I can put some words on his clothes, too.  He really loves letters right now and pointing them out and naming them!

I think in the future, one of these prints would look awesome paired with a handwoven plaid fabric!

This little boy is growing up so fast, and will be 2 next month!!

In-between taking care of David and designing fabric and doing all the housework, I've also been playing with a very easy to use time lapse camera and I've had a blast!  Here are some of my videos:

Dancing Clock:


Garden of the Gods:

I have a ton of ideas to do with this camera, too!  There is just so many fun things going on right now!  :)