Friday, March 13, 2015

We're moving to Colorado!

This is what my loom room looks like right now... but worse because the boxes have grown even higher since this picture was taken!

Yes, we are moving to Colorado!  We are tired of Brian commuting to another state for work.  This has been our life for 14 months now, and we are tired of not being together as a family.  In order to get the house ready, we have painted, scrubbed, replaced things, cut down trees, weeded like mad, and cleaned out all the closets and paired it all down to just the basics.  I plan on turning the garage into a huge storage area so it looks decent for home tours.  The house is looking fabulous though, and it makes me wonder why we didn't do some of these things a long time ago!

So instead of yarn pictures, you'll just have to "suffer" through some cute baby pictures and nature shots... for a little while anyway!

David at the park Sunday evening:

David at another park that we like to visit during our biking adventures together:

Everything is in bloom right now and it's so pretty!

The Arizona sunset from our backyard, which will be missed:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

First steps!

This just happened this evening!

I'm so proud of my little boy!  He's only 10 months old, and he's growing up so fast!  

Just yesterday he FINALLY decided to hold his bottle!  But it's still a little random and at his choosing:

This weekend we had a lot of storms and David didn't get to go outside hardly at all!  It was so cold on some of the days!  Instead, we had fun with the camera indoors:

This last one is my absolute favorite!