Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Pics to Picks pictures

I've been considering my picture choices for the pics to picks (P2P) challenge.  Here are the pictures for my partner, Meg.

I want to include a picture from my home state Arizona.  It is well known as the Grand Canyon State, and for a good reason because it's not only a beautiful place to visit, it's also my favorite vacation spot.  It's such a lovely place to hike, camp, and enjoy nature.  The Grand Canyon has all kinds of beautiful rock layers in it.  There's nothing like standing by the edge and just feeling the wind and looking out into the vast openness. 

My second picture is of my cat Zip.  I have 2 cats that make me laugh everyday with funny little things they do.  I love to watch and listen to them chase each other around the house.  This place wouldn't be the same without them. Zip is such a fluffy and fuzzy kitty!  I love his pink little nose and shades of orange.  He has some neat stripes in his fur.  He has got such a "Mr. Cool" attitude.

And the third is this beautiful picture of clouds.  I love cloud watching!  I also love monsoon season in Arizona.  I love to feel the heavy, thick air and smell the rainy breeze.  It usually a relief when a monsoon rolls in because it cools things off a lot.  There are a lot of senses and emotions in this picture.

The fourth picture I am sending over is this one that is very green from Washington state.  My husband's family lives there and we enjoy visiting a few times a year.  My favorite time to go is summer because everything is so green and thriving compared to the desert life in AZ.  This is a picture of honeysuckle at Liberty Lake.  There is definitely a burst of color in this picture!  I love the little stamens that are sticking out of the flower. 

A little about me:
I love to weave!  I think I was born to weave, but I didn't discover it until just a few years ago.  While growing up, I learned how to make quilts with my mom and wood projects with my dad.  Later when I got married and lived in a tiny apartment, I took up knitting and spinning.  This was when I decided I really wanted to learn to weave, but I had to wait until we moved to a bigger place.  Today I have five looms, ranging in all sizes from inkle to rigid heddle to floor looms.  I can spend days and days in a row with my loom and never tire of it!

Enjoy the pictures!  And good luck!  I can't wait to see your inspirations and plans!