Sunday, February 3, 2013

Larger than Life Hounds Tooth

So I got this random idea while I was measuring out the warp for my loom... what if I tried to make even bigger hounds tooth... I mean, this is worsted weight cotton and it's going to be about the size of the hounds tooth on the acrylic scarves, so what if I doubled it?

My idea came from this picture on Pinterest:

I was looking online to see if Peaches & Creme still make the double worsted weight cones, but I did not see them.  I emailed them, and the company has since sold and that is one of the discontinued lines.  In their email, they suggested doubling the worsted weight, so I'm going to thread my loom as 1-1-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5-6-6-7-7-8-8 and weave it the same way.  This is just an experiment, so who knows!  I may terribly regret this decision, or it may be the newest, latest, and greatest thing!

The only problem is the floats will be quite large... but you don't really know if it's going to work or not unless you try, right?!  Maybe it won't make the greatest floor mat, maybe our toes will get caught and we'll fall and hit our heads on the sink... and maybe not.  Doc Brown in the movie Back to the Future had a lot of luck when he hit his head on the toilet.  That's when he invented the flux capacitor... and you know life changed ever since that invention!  You just never know... I could also sew them down on my sewing machine... almost like when a quilt is "quilted".  There are options that I'm willing to explore later down the road, if needed.

Here are the stats:
  • 2 yard warp
  • 14-15 wraps per inch of worsted weight Peaches & Creme cotton
  • Sett is 9 on #10 reed (I just threaded 8 and skipped a space)
  • 26" across on loom
  • 234 ends total, so it will be 14 hounds tooth across
  • 468 yards for each color in the warp, and each cone has 106 yards
  • 56 times around the warp board for each color, so I did it in sections of 2, or 28 each

I love these stripes in the blue!  The official name is Hippi.

So in this warp, there will be 7 hounds tooth of each color... 

I'm soooo super excited to try this!!!!
The loom is ready to thread... and it should thread up quickly!