Monday, January 6, 2014

Doubleweave on 4-shafts: straight threading & treadling

I have chosen to do doubleweave for this baby wrap, only because my loom isn't big enough.  I also wanted a straight threading for the layers, instead of having to guess and memorize which thread goes where, especially since the colors are constantly changing.  I also wanted a straight treadling, and since I couldn't find a pattern that matched both of these scenarios, I had to make one up.

The threads on shafts 1&3 are the top layer and the threads on shafts 2&4 are the bottom layer. 

Here are my diagrams:

As you can see with this straight draw, first weave shaft 1 threads, starting with the shuttle throw from left to right.

Then, pick up all the top layer threads (1&3) and half of the bottom layer (2).  That leaves shaft 4 laying down flat.  Throw the shuttle from right to left.

Now, continue holding shafts 1&3 up, and now switch it to shaft 4, throw the shuttle left to right.  

Lastly, drop all the shafts but 3, because we started by holding up shaft 1 and 3 is it's opposite.  Throw the shuttle from right to left.

After repeating this several times, the opening for the wrap will be on the left and the seam will be on the right.

In my head, it makes complete sense.  I hope it all works out ok!!

Off to thread my loom... 

I just need to remember that shafts 1&3 are one layer and shafts 2&4 are another layer!  Hope I don't switch any of the colors around!