Wednesday, May 14, 2014

a late doubleweave

I kind of missed mother's day for Brian's mom.  I have just been so busy with the baby and time just got away from me!  I really wanted to make her a doubleweave blanket, and I have the warp all measured out, I just never found time to thread it and weave it!

This is what the entire blanket will look like:

The yarn I'm going to use has a lot of color in it, so I have decided that a plain 2/2 twill throughout the entire thing would be best.  I bought this yarn a few years ago at Hobby Lobby and I have been saving it for a very special weave like this one. 

It's super soft and I love the colors!   The colors are a little outside my usual blues and greens, but real close!  I'm almost half way through threading!!  It's threading really fast because the yarn is so thick.  This was done in about an hours time during one of David's naps.

Feels good to be back!  Now I just need to get this little guy napping again so I can thread some more!