Friday, March 18, 2011

The Honeycomb experiment

This is the first time I have ever woven honeycomb. I'm very excited! I decided to document all the steps. So here's the adventure that takes a few days all put into just a few minutes of pictures!

The very first step is to get your idea and pattern. Then comes the warping and weaving fun!

Go through the stash and pick the yarns:

Measure it on the warp board, thread the reed, and then the heddles... This part usually takes ALL day long!

Wind it on. (It looks like it's melting off!)

Tie it on the front and make sure it's nice and tight and even:

Make sure you tie up the pedals according to the pattern!

Wind your shuttles and weave away!!

Finish the edges with a hemstitch:

Cut off a small portion and finish it to make sure you like it before weaving yards and yards of it! Look at those beautiful cells that develop after washing:

What will it be? Stay tuned for more updates! Maybe I'll be done with it soon!