Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today my personal library is that much more complete!

When I saw this book at our public library, I knew I wanted it in my collection:

This is a picture of the CD, but I liked the original 1981 published book way more than the 1995 version, so I spent awhile searching the internet for a copy. Prices ranged from in the $70's to hundreds of dollars! Yikes...

Well, I finally found on on Alibris, but after I ordered it the seller canceled the order the next day. :(

So my search continued and I found one on amazon for the same price!  It finally came in the mail today, and it came from the next town over. I'm gong to have so much fun with this one! I already started playing with it a little bit with the Earth-toned towels in brown and green. But there are hundreds of patterns that I want to try in 4-shaft... and of course lots of 8-shaft patterns for some day!

I can't believe some of the prices of the older books. I have my eye on three more of them, but they are worth quite a bit of money.