Friday, November 29, 2013

Baby wrap

Someone found me on Ravelry and asked if I would make them a baby wrap.  Of course I said yes!  It took a very long time for the whole yarn order to come through WEBS.  In fact, I said YES to this project before I was even pregnant with my own little baby boy!  Back in July, I had two weaving orders that I made promises to do before I was pregnant, and I waited MONTHS for two different cones of yarn to come!!  Finally, I moved on and started the pinwheels, and the next two days, both orders of yarn showed up.  Go figure!  I should have started another project long ago and the yarn would have been here long ago!

Anyway, the yarns the person chose are very pretty!  This is Webs 10/2 perle cotton.

Here is the original design photo.  We tweaked the green somewhat.

This is the picture they sent of what they want to design to look like.  I will have to be using double weave because my loom isn't wide enough, but that shouldn't stop me from being able to play with color!!

Will I be making a baby wrap for myself?  Probably not... it's just not my sort of thing.  Plus, the heat in Arizona would be too much in the summer to even enjoy it!