Wednesday, November 27, 2013


My sister's birthday is coming up this week and I sent her 4 of these hounds tooth placemats:

I actually made this pattern up for my book this summer, but I made the placemats with her in mind!  I have kept them in a safe place since July, but sent them this week!  I'm actually glad that everything was done months ago because of my weaving haitus when I first got pregnant.

I hope she likes them!  Happy b-day, sis!

Speaking of presents, I have received a few great baby presents from my online friends and also some family!  This week, these wonderful baby bibs came from Martha at Thistle Rose Weaving in Illinois!  Aren't they just lovely?? 

I can't wait to use them with my baby boy!!

Even the backs are awesome to look at!!

I've also received some very soft and wonderful hats!  The top one is from Brian's grandma and the bottom one is from my friend Terry!

And my friend in Massachusettes sent me some super soft baby wash clothes and a super soft and fluffy yellow towel or burp rag!  These all have really awesome textures!!

I can't wait to use all of these handmade goodies with my new little son!