Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Smaller is better

 Sometimes I feel like an evil scientist trying out my experiments!


Or a magician during a magic show... doing tricks!  "And now, for my next trick..."

I am really loving this 2/2 hounds tooth twill.  This current project is a 3 yard warp and it's made of 8/2 cotton from WEBS.  I'm having so much fun with it that I'm almost sorry I didn't discover this weave sooner!  I'm not even sure why it took me so long to try it, I think I just assumed it wouldn't be as good.  Yes, the hounds tooth design is smaller, but sometimes smaller is better!  It definitely has a good feel to the fabric being only 2/2.  The floats are only as long as 2 threads, but in the 8-shaft hounds tooth, the stretches are 4 threads long, and sometimes that is just too much space.  This cloth will certainly hold together well.  I should try redoing this design using something thick, like the worsted weight peaches and creme.  At one point, I made some place mats for my sister using 8-shaft hounds tooth in peaches and creme cotton, and yes, they were really cool.... but... they were also really loose because the floats were so long and you kind of have to mold them into place on the table and hope they will stay.

Before this project, I thought I was being really clever and doubled up my threads of peaches and creme cotton and made a really huge houndstooth, only to find that it was a super bad idea and the cloth was extremely flimsy.  I ended up "saving" this awful project by quilting it to hold it together and then calling it a bathmat.... it works...

My to-do list is ever growing, but I do want to explore this design just a little bit further before I move on to the next best thing!  Possibly two more projects were just added to the list... a 2/2 hounds tooth in peaches and creme cotton and also a 2/2 hounds tooth in 12/2 cotton.... oh and possibly a sewn pair of pants for David made from one of the smaller cotton hounds tooth pieces!

Parting shot....

David enjoyed the local quilt show.  He was mesmerized by all the quilts and enjoyed looking at each one. I couldn't believe how long his attention span lasted.  And... he truly was the youngest person in attendance!