Thursday, June 12, 2014

Table Runner

I completed the rest of the sample warp was a table runner for my mom's birthday.  I think she'll love it!! I wish there was more warp to make one for myself!!  I'll just have to put another one on.

And in other news... for those of you who like to sew for babies, I found a new pants pattern that is out of this world!  It's $10, but well worth it!  It is called the Big Butt Baby Pants and it will definitely not disappoint!  I love this pattern already and I'm so glad I can use it until my little guy is two years old.  Here is the pic... now keep in mind he wasn't too thrilled with pics today, he would have rather eaten dinner first, but this mama was just too excited to get some pics!

I love this pattern so much, that I made some for David's cousin who is just a few months older and lives in Seattle.  I think she will love the colors we picked out for her!  It's such a summer-like combination!

I can't wait to try some handwoven fabric someday!