Monday, May 14, 2012

Done, done, and done

 The celebration towels came out of the dryer!
They're all washed, pressed, and cut apart!

In other news, the yard has been coming along nicely.  I spent some time working on the two cherry trees and the rose bushes out in the backyard.

Everything is just so bushy and overgrown.  I know it's the wrong season to prune some trees, but this is the only time I have to do it!  The last thing this area needs is the cleanup of those leaves, now that I can reach them.

I also worked on getting all the weeds picked at the property line.  Thanks to the help from my dad, I could have never accomplished this much in one morning!  It looks so much better!

Next weekend, not only do I need to get the rest of the leaves under control, but I also want to get started on the garden beds and maybe trim some dead branches from a few trees around the house.

While I was out, I noticed a lot of fruit growth already on some of the trees!
The half-peach tree is chugging away on those peaches.  I can't believe it came back to life!  It was almost dead when we moved into the house 2 years ago.  I wish our other peach tree would have survived.

 The apples:

 And I just can't believe how many roses are on our bushes!  They aren't looking as good as they were a few days ago, but this is the most I've ever seen on it!

 I re-discovered a forgotten rosebush deep down in our yard.  It looks so pretty, too!  I forget it's down there and I always miss out on the prettiest pink roses.  There are so many this year!!  I hope that's a good sign and means our fruit trees will be very productive this year!