Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I'll try not to weave up the cat...

I just love my friend Sharon's (from In Stitches) turned taquete tea towels!  They are amazing!!!!  And I love how she calls them "tea towels" because it sounds a little bit more upscale than "dishtowels."  When I first saw them, I knew I would be making them, too.  Sharon sent me the 4-shaft pattern, but I have my 8-shaft loom available.  So I research online and found an 8-shaft pattern that has the exact same structure as the 4-shaft.  So really, I'm only using the 8-shaft just because I can!

But here is the 4-shaft as well:

I was going through my cones and I have decided to use all shades of blues.  This is something I've been wanting to do for awhile anyway and this is just a perfect opportunity to do so.

I had a pre-measured out warp from the P2P2 project that I plan on using up in this project.  It is 6 yards, so therefore this project will be warped 6 yards!  It will be nice to use up this segment that I have.

I'll try not to weave the cat into my project.  He sure is curious about what I'm doing!

He needs to just go take a nap and trust me on this one!
I think he's having trust issues.
Did you notice his hair cut?
He had a spa day last weekend!  Here are some memories:

The fluff before:

The aftershave:

And phase 3, the bath:

Scout looks, smells, and I'm sure feels better!
Poor little guy... he just can't take care of all that fur.  It gets clumpy, smelly, and nasty!
I don't even want to cuddle with him when he's like that.
So now, he smells like coconuts.  He's our coconut kitty!
And now he's fun to cuddle with.