Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look at these gorgeous stripes!!!

When I was threading my loom, it looked kind of ratty and tangled.  My mom happened to be over at the time and she was SO worried I wouldn't be able to get them organized. She almost lost it just looking at the loom from across the room while we each worked on our own things.  So... this picture is to heal my mom's worrying soul!

Look mom, look at how organized it ended up being!

This was just a garbage piece to get the threads to space out correctly.  On the bottom is plain weave and the little top portion is some twill.  The reason why it's wrapped in thread is because if I chose to wash it before I finish the ends, the threads don't unravel in the washing machine.  So ignore that little part holding it all together and focus on the weaving underneath!  After I wove this header, I really liked the plain weave and became tempted to weave the P2P2 project to make these stripes appear. Not only would it have gone super fast because I would have only had one weft color, but it also would  have been really cute!  But Brian convinced me to at least try the plaid.

Good thing I did!  I love it so far.  Here's a sneak peek of the first few inches:

I love the stripes, but those will probably have to be saved for another project another day.  When I first saw my P2P2 picture, I really saw a plaid blanket and so I want to stick to the original goal.  So far, I love the plaid, but it is super slow weaving with 4 colors!